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They’ll know that all degrees — at least all degrees that aren’t math, engineering, etc. — are worth less than tissue paper. They’ll know that deans and college administrators are the world’s greatest conmen, convincing millions to sacrifice $30,000+ and enter indentured servitude for a tacky-looking piece of paper.

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Sunday Afternoon Giggles


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The devaluation of everything

A pretty interesting read on the various types of inflation. From clothing sizes to types of airfares and hotel rooms, and even job titles. Is it true that inflation of all kinds devalues everything it infects?


Giving Birth in a Public Hospital

I don’t usually like to share my opinions on public issues as the debates are often too polarised and I have never felt a strong desire to share my opinions for sharing’s sake.

But given the anonymity of this blog, I’m willing to give it a go and see how my thoughts disentangle themselves into coherent arguments.

So I was listening to the radio today and a woman called up to complain on their complaint segment. Yes, it was one of those lame radio shows.

Essentially she was complaining about her friends who gave birth in public hospitals who then had the nerve to complain about various aspects of the public health system.

She justified her position by saying that people deserve what they pay for and the complainants should have given birth in private hospitals if they’d expected more.

The hostess rebuked her by asking whether she thought poor people weren’t entitled to complain?

The caller clarified that wasn’t what she was advocating, however she did believe that people* who choose to have kids should have the foresight to budget for private hospital fees if they cared so much.

It is this point which I picked up and which I am inclined to agree with.

Of course, I support the idea of giving help to those who are in need, however I feel that help is much less justifiable if (most of) those who have the need consciously chose to become the needy.