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All I’ve Ever Wanted

2013-06-16 15.06.18

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Impending Birthday

I’m turning 24 this week. Even since I turned 21, I have not looked forward to getting older.

Becoming older means less time to become successful. I like the idea of being very successful. So as I get older, the need to do even more amazing things grows exponentially. I am now aiming to visit thirty different countries before I reach the age of 30 and I would also like to be earning more than 300k per annum by the time I reach that milestone.

Aging also scares me because I’m worried that I am running out of time to become a mother. I have a somewhat irrational fear of being an older mother and I have always envisioned having my first and only child before the age of 28. Four years is not exactly a lot of time to find a compatible spouse, learn to trust one another, get married, and become pregnant.

Sometimes I also feel as if I’m aging faster than I am maturing. The fact that I’m celebrating my birthday this year with Buff Guy is probably a testament to this theory. We are ‘eloping’ for two days because as far as everyone else is concerned, we are still ex’s. Actually, even as far as we are concerned, we are still ex’s.

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All the (almost) Single Ladies!

All the Single Ladies!

I’m at an interestingly odd juncture that I never thought I would let myself be at. But I am still attached to the idea of being with Buff Guy. So I’m leaving the ultimate decision with him.

In the meanwhile, we’re trying to be friends. Friends who try to see each other every other day. Friends who sometimes hold hands and kiss each other. Friends who are often standing too close to each other.

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Impending Doom

Impending Doom

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ARGH I have my first exam of the season in less than 10 hours and I’m still awake writing notes. I wish I had this Celine tote to carry all my notes with me to aforementioned exam. That way, at least I could confront my impending doom looking amazing.


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Hiras, founded in 1960 colonial Hong Kong, was brought into existence to serve the demand by both men and women for bespoke tailoring. ¬†They’re coming to visit my city soon and I was thinking of making an appointment to see them. Any one out there with any advice or tales?


Only because I can’t find an equally appropriate female version of the drool-worthy picture above. Love a guy in a sharp suit

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Oh Dear!


One of my friends just shared this gem of a website on FB.

Make it a priority to check it out because I seriously don’t know how long they will be allowed to keep doing what they are doing.

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