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Ida Liu

Such a fantastic read with many thought provoking views and anecdotes:

My father really is an inspiration to me. He instilled in me from a very young age a work ethic and the ability to work really hard, not give up. I saw him start a business and the can-do attitude and work ethic were instilled in me at a very young age, and still inspire me everyday.

I thought the same way that she did when I was looking at job opportunities in the last few years of university.

At the time, I thought that it would be easier for me to go into investment banking and then into fashion rather than the other way around.

An amazing role to kick-start her foray into the fashion world.

Within four months, she went from running one struggling department to running all of the European designer collections – Chanel, Armani, Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent – on the second floor of Bergdorf Goodman.

Finally, some very useful advice:

She tells women to “be gutsy.” She explains, “You don’t want to be your own obstacle. You want to take on challenges and continue to challenge yourself. If you don’t ask, you’re not going to get.”


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The Luxury of Living in Doubt

Earlier this evening, I showered and curled my hair for a date with a guy I’d recently met. He was also a friend of a friend. He picked a new restaurant that had been on my wishlist. He was smart and charming and I wanted to like him.

I had fun, but I was already thinking of Buff Guy on the train home. Wondering what he was up to, and if he would be online when I got back in front of my computer.

Just like the others, he only held my attention for the time that he was there. That is because, for the rest of the time, I am preoccupied with his absence.

He is just one of many. They are ready to give me everything Buff Guy never will. But I don’t want them. Any one of them could be everything I ever want. But I still want him.

I’ve even told Buff Guy that I’m can’t get over him. Sadly, I’m probably going to want him until he tells me not to. But because of his selfishness and cowardice, he does not tell me to leave him alone. By keeping me around, he allows me the luxury of living in doubt. Living in doubt is addictive. It creates sensations of burning hopefulness that, as long as it is not extinguished completely, can sustain someone for a very long time.


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Buff Guy and I have become friends. The oddest sort of friends who talk frequently but awkwardly. We are treading the lines so carefully. He has become much more accessible and I have learnt to be more indifferent.

Perhaps, that is what we needed all along, to ease the tension that eventually broke us.

It’s ironic that as ‘friends’ he finds time to initiate conversations with me. He talks to me more eagerly than when we were in a relationship.

Perhaps being mere ‘friends’ alleviates the pressure to engage with me, and thus he becomes more interested to do so, at his leisure, and to not do so, at his leisure.

Alternatively, perhaps he is merely doing what he regards as necessary to retain my friendship.

Whatever it is, in reciprocation of his current efforts, I have learnt to respond briefly, nonchalantly and intermittently. So that sometimes when I recall all the times that he used to do so, I am merely indifferent.

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Holding On

Buff Guy has the absurd notion that he and I can remain friends.  As I’m sitting at an airport terminal, trying to stifle my sobs over the phone, he says to me: ‘I hope you won’t go and disappear on me. I still want you in my life.’

He had the audacity to assure me that since we got along so well, he would like it very much for us to revert back to being friends.

In that moment, I was overcome by a curious mixture of desperation and pride which inspired me to bargain for seemingly more favorable terms. I challenged him to maintain our friendship. Outwardly at least, the onus to hold on had shifted to him. But really, I know that he has already let go and I am the only one that is still holding on.

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He promised that he would start to do things for our sake and not just his own. Yet the very next day, he put his own whims above what we needed the most.



Life after IB


This piece has some great oneliners:

‘I personally did not find the work interesting, and that placed me in the 95% majority. Your not golfing with CEOs, talking about strategy, then driving your lambo home at 3.30pm to have sex with your hot girlfriend.’

‘Even though I got paid well, I wasn’t going out buying a different coloured helicopters every weekend, rolling in designer threads, splashing £30k on a night out and holidaying every other week in some exotic location whenever I can be bothered to charter my private jet.’

Damn it, I just want different colored Birkin bags every year.

Although, different colored loafers for every day of the week would be nice.

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