Buff Guy and I have become friends. The oddest sort of friends who talk frequently but awkwardly. We are treading the lines so carefully. He has become much more accessible and I have learnt to be more indifferent.

Perhaps, that is what we needed all along, to ease the tension that eventually broke us.

It’s ironic that as ‘friends’ he finds time to initiate conversations with me. He talks to me more eagerly than when we were in a relationship.

Perhaps being mere ‘friends’ alleviates the pressure to engage with me, and thus he becomes more interested to do so, at his leisure, and to not do so, at his leisure.

Alternatively, perhaps he is merely doing what he regards as necessary to retain my friendship.

Whatever it is, in reciprocation of his current efforts, I have learnt to respond briefly, nonchalantly and intermittently. So that sometimes when I recall all the times that he used to do so, I am merely indifferent.

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