In Other News

Toyboy and I have continued to engage in our online banter.  I must say, I have missed the feeling of having a crush on someone.

Everything about that person seems perfect and the euphoria of every single little interaction with them can last for days.

It’s an innocent and pure kind of feeling uninhibited by thoughts or intentions of fore-planning. There are no considerations of suitability or possibility.

Apparently, however, Toyboy and his friend had devised some sort of chart ranking the seven girls that Toyboy was potentially interested in and/or who were interested in him. Somehow I made it on to that list, at number 1. But he’s indecisive about it because he doesn’t know how much I like him and he doesn’t know what I have going on with Buff Guy. So he tests to see how interested I am and where he stands. Oh how I love such childish games.

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