Last Semester of University

Last semester, last swotvac, last lecture, last visit to the Law Library.  Yet all of these supposedly significant events passes me by without any significance.

Call me unsentimental, call me indifferent, call me whatever, but I’ve never felt the need to be nostalgic about finishing university.  For me, university seemed like a natural and inevitable part of the growing up process. I’ve never been able to contemplate NOT attending university. Therefore, the idea of completing university has never endowed me with a sense of accomplishment.

For this reason, I don’t think I’m going to attend my graduation ceremony.  It would be an empty gesture. Similarly, I never went to my valedictory dinner at the end of high school.

Some people might make an appearance to appease the family, but even my parents wouldn’t derive any satisfaction from witnessing such ceremonious rites. They, who have never wanted to attend any award ceremonies to watch my achievements being celebrated in high school, are hardly going to appreciate attending a ceremony that is merely a testament of what has always been viewed as the bare minimum.


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