Pokes and Superpokes

FB’s poking ability is ingenious. It’s a quick way to alert someone to the fact that they’ve been on your mind without expressly saying so. It attract another person’s attention and thereby eradicates the need to make unnecessary conversation in an otherwise awkward attempt to do so. Yet it can be interpreted such that it maintains its flirty undertone. Especially from boy to girl.

Recently, I’ve become engaged in a poking war with a friend of a friend. For the purposes of future discussions, let’s call him Toyboy as he is two or three years younger than I am. It began innocuously as a poke one random day. This soon escalated into a torrent of other exchanges via FB. For the past few days, we’ve been private messaging each other. I find it rather endearing because I can’t remember the last person to engage in such a proper written exchange with me.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I am otherwise preoccupied, I would have already fallen head over heels for Toyboy. He is uber ultra handsome in the totally my type kind of way, warm, genuine, smart and driven. But too young and too good looking. Did I mention how good looking he is? Yep, way out of my league.

It doesn’t help my resolve that, having witnessed our recent FB interactions, our mutual friend has taken it upon himself to set us up.

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