Other People’s Lives

My friend and his gf recently broke up. They are both smart, family oriented, Christian, and I thought they were the perfect couple. Watching them together used to make me envious because their relationship seemed so flawless. But it seems like it wasn’t quite so. Someone cited her unreasonable expectations as a reason for their breakup, and he had previously lamented about her limited ambitions.

As an outsider, both of those explanations seemed equally ridiculous. He is one of the nicest guys that I know and I could not imagine him ever being unwilling to do anything for her. She is a diligent student and had just completed an tax internship within at a Big4 firm. If ambition is what he wants, perhaps he’d have to date another banker next.

I was reminded of another friend who also broke up with his gf a couple of years ago. They seemed so happy together and suited each other in so many ways. I also thought that they had the perfect thing going, and then one summer, they suddenly broke up.

The breakdown of other peoples’ relationships always make me question my own. I can’t help but compare the dynamics and wonder if what I have is destined for a similar ending. Buff Guy picked up on my sudden change and asked me why I was withdrawn. I tried to explain it to him, but I don’t think he understood.

On a merrier note, one of my other friends has tentatively begun a new relationship and she seems absolutely ecstatic about it. I’m happy that she’s finally found someone, and hope that she can take good care of herself. He seems like a nice guy, but whether or not he would be a good bf is an unknown. Although, there will be plenty of us ready to break his balls if he doesn’t take proper care of her.

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