A Causality Dilemma?

Buff Guy and I were discussing my arrogance (aka self confidence) one day and  he suggested that it is perhaps part of what made me get the job as an ibanker.

The age old dilemma is able to presents itself in simpleton terms as: was it the chicken or the egg?

Similarly, I wonder if Buff Guy is right or whether being an ibanker caused me to become arrogant.

The question could be reformulated as: ‘which came first, X that can’t come without Y, or Y that can’t come without X?’.

Suppose that arrogance was represented by X and the job was represented by Y,  it’s flawed to say that X can’t come without Y nor is it true to argue that Y can’t come without X.

Therefore, Buff Guy and I agreed that in my case, X and Y probably sustained or validated one another.

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