Mutual Detachment

Buff Guy and I have been fighting arguing a lot lately. I thought it was just a part of the normal process, and viewed the past few weeks as a phase that we would eventually get thru and forget about. But he brought it up last night and lamented about how serious it was and how difficult it has been.

At one point in our conversation, he said that a happy and successful couple never have to fight. I was a bit taken aback by the idealism behind such comment.

He also seemed to be under the impression that individuals in a relationship were entitled to insulate themselves from each other and thus limit exposure to certain aspects of their other half. I felt like laughing at such a preposterous notion.

I understand that we are both independent and different people, although his expectations of  mutual detachment presents a very pitiful view.

I am not so naive as to disregard the existence of relationships where the parties involved behave just so. But I don’t know whether I am ready to subject myself to such emptiness loneliness just yet.

If push came to shove, and he became more insistent on this point, my pragmatism would probably allow me to view the whole affair as a ghastly trade, but I am not even certain if his offerings are worth making a trade for.


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