Thanks but No Thanks

I finally mustered up the courage to make a rather uncomfortable phone call to my ex-graduate-offeror.

Last week, I’d sent them an email explaining that I will not be taking the graduate offer to start with them – them being one of the Big 4 accounting firms.

The next day I’d received a phone call which I missed because I was working – working at my new graduate offeror. Massive awkwardness.

I had put off calling back until today because I didn’t know what I could say.

It’s not like I could have said any of the following:

  • Everyone thought I could do better than a Big4 offer and my ego could not withstand their judgement
  • I needed to do better than a Big4 offer  to support various frivolous pursuits such as annual Chanel bags and Louboutin pumps and no one else is going to buy me a Cayenne S or a Dreamliner
  • I did better by getting an offer from an investment bank. Yes, there is an unofficial hierarchy that people use to compare themselves with others and establish their own worth
  • Frankly, my true passion is fashion, but I don’t have a trust fund to support a career fraught with so many uncertainties. So in the meanwhile, as I work towards accumulating the funds for my own fashion empire, of course I’m going to take the best offer that I can get.

In the end, when pressed to provide a reason for revoking the offer, I gave a sort of half-truth.

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