Good Girl Gone Bad

I’ve come to accept that being around The Captain makes me do reckless and irrational things.

Since our last, we’d maintained daily email banter and met up almost everyday for coffee and the occasional meal.

One night, work wrapped up at about 2am and we met up for some drinks. Somehow we ended up kissing in a dark booth. At some point, someone came over to tell us to keep it PG.

We engaged in a lengthy discussion about an appropriate level of rating, whilst becoming increasingly incoherent on too many G&T’s.

To our credit, we kept things below NC-17.

The next morning, I had to go to work and he had a car to pick up and a flight to catch. We parted ways without much discussion about a potential follow up.

The weirdest thing was I felt perfectly ok about that. I felt nothing in particular about what had transpired and the days passed by.

For my part, I’d gotten the UST out of my system and The Captain no longer intrigued me.

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