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When I finally caught up with a few friends from another ibank, and discovered that a mutual friend was back in town, I didn’s expect him to join us that night.

Unbeknownst to any of our mutual friends, The Captain and I have a rather amusing relationship. It is one that has always been fraught with UST – resulting from circumstances and timing.

He had always been very open and direct about his intentions and reaffirmed those over several G&T’s that night. He made it clear that he now intended to act upon those intentions. I didn’t feel like trying hard to dissuade him.

As things wrapped up, he said he had to go back to the office to retrieve something and likewise, I said I was going back to work to finish an update.

Turns out, we were headed for the same building.


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5 days after I became single, I had an invitation for nibbles/drinks at a venue of my choosing.

Buff Guy and I had known each other for more than a year now, but we’d never really hung out in the same social circles. We’d mostly communicated online and things had been kind of cool in the past few months.

In fact I’d always thought that he preferred his girls to be hot and stupid and common – the sort of species most often found in bars and nightclubs. He also seemed like the type of guy who’d have an abundance of aforementioned creatures clambering to get a hold of him.

Therefore I felt a certain degree of skepticism in his intentions.

But the night was a good one, and he walked me back to my place, and bade me goodnight at the entrance without trying to pull any unwanted moves.


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